Salt Life Now Open – Tanger Outlet – Store’s Bigger Mission

Today Salt Life is a welcome edition to Tanger Daytona Outlets. Crowds gathered for the opening this weekend. But among the shirts and shorts and shoes and shore wear, shoppers learned a bigger, more important story. Salt Life is more than a way of life, more than a brand name. 

Salt Life VW

When it comes to worldwide environmental awareness, this company really lives up to it’s namesake. Doing all it can to assure the “Salt Life” is sustainable in the wild, Salt Life supports various reef and marine habitat programs.  Artificial Reefs International, by creating artificial reefs out of old ships and other materials, is the ultimate recycling program.

Another project Salt Life supports with true passion is Roatan Marine Park.  Tourism, diving and the fishing industry are in perfect balance in the pristine waters of this Honduran island group.

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